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At Quinn Internal Audit we ensure the Governing Body is assured.

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Governance by the book

Robust governance stands at the heart of the Scottish social housing sector, ensuring that housing organisations operate with utmost responsibility and accountability.

Embracing superior governance practices elevates organisational efficiency and effectiveness, fosters heightened transparency and deepens accountability in a sector essential to community wellbeing.

Assurance Statement

Our firm is an expert in guiding Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) through the complexities of the Scottish Housing Regulator’s (SHR) Regulatory Framework, Statuatory Guidance and Chapter 3 requirements. Our approach combines in-depth sector knowledge with practical, tailored solutions for each RSL’s unique needs.

Expertise in SHR Standards

Our extensive experience in the social housing sector enables us to provide insightful and effective guidance on compliance with SHR regulations. We are instrumental in helping RSLs navigate these standards with confidence.

Tailored Support for RSLs

We offer customised support to RSLs, ensuring that the unique challenges and operational frameworks of each organisation are effectively addressed. This tailored approach aids RSLs in achieving and maintaining compliance.

Workshops and Desktop Reviews

Through our workshops and desktop reviews, we impart crucial knowledge and conduct thorough analyses. These services equip RSLs with the necessary understanding and strategies to adhere to regulatory requirements and make Assurance Statments with confidence.

Ongoing Partnerships

Committed to the long-term success of RSLs, we foster lasting partnerships, providing continuous support and advice. This ensures our clients remain adaptable and compliant in an evolving regulatory landscape.

Annual Return on the Charter

Quinn Internal Audits specializes in ensuring Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) meet the Scottish Housing Regulator’s standards with precision. Our team works efficiently with yours to submit the Annual Return on the Charter (ARC), ensuring compliance and accurate reporting.

Proactive Issue Resolution

We identify and resolve compliance issues, offering clear, actionable advice. Our expertise extends to conducting in-depth process reviews and delivering findings to your governing bodies.

ARC Verification

Targeted at landlords with prior data verification, our audit process uses cutting-edge digital tools for a thorough examination of your ARC data. We also offer comparative analyses of annual performance indicators to track and enhance your submission.

We rigorously assess your data against past submissions for accuracy and consistency. This ensure compliant submission to the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Effective governance is key for our clients

We help client governance in the following ways:

Overall, effective governance is essential for the long-term success and sustainability of any organisation.

If you have questions or want a no obligation consultation please get in touch via our online consultation form.

Do you have a serious concern or issue relating to governance?

We are experienced in providing professional reviews covering the following:

Code of conduct reviews
A code of conduct review involves assessing whether an individual or group of individuals has violated an organisation’s code of conduct, which outlines expectations for behavior and ethical standards.
Disciplinary investigations are conducted when an employee is accused of misconduct or violations of policy.
Discovery/Complaint reviews are investigations that are conducted to determine what happened in a particular situation. This could be in response to an incident or complaint and is used to gather information and evidence.

Quinn Internal Audits excels in investigating complaints within the SPSO Framework, delivering swift and effective resolutions. We pinpoint critical issues quickly, ensuring compliance and client satisfaction. Choose us to transform your complaint challenges into resolved cases with our expert investigative approach.

Regulatory breaches refer to the violation of a law or regulation that pertains to the clients industry. It may have legal or financial consequences for the clients and individuals who were involved.
Whistleblowing refers to the act of reporting misconduct, fraud, or illegal activity within an organization. Whistleblowers are protected by laws and regulations to prevent retaliation.