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Housing Management

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A Challenging Landscape

In the complex landscape of housing management within Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), comprehensive and methodical internal audits are indispensable for operational excellence.

Quinn Internal Audit brings a meticulous and experienced approach to this critical task. Our suite of audit services, designed specifically for the nuanced needs of the Scottish social housing sector, covers everything from tenant satisfaction to rent setting and compliance with equality and diversity policies.

Each audit is a testament to our commitment to precision, regulatory adherence, and a deep understanding of the housing sector’s unique challenges.

As we present this list of potential internal audits, clients can be assured of Quinn Internal Audit’s proficiency in delivering thorough, insightful, and objective assessments, essential for driving efficiency and effectiveness in housing management.

Internal Audit for Housing Management

We provide the following high quality reviews in relation to Housing Management.

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Tenant Engagement

Evaluating the effectiveness of tenant communication, support services, and overall satisfaction levels.

Void Management

Assessing the process of managing vacant properties to minimize void periods and loss of income.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Checking adherence to relevant housing legislation and standards set by housing authorities.

Anti-Social Behaviour Management

Assessing the effectiveness of strategies and practices in managing anti-social behaviour among tenants.

Quality Assurance

Assessing the quality control mechanisms in place for housing management services.

Equality and Diversity

Assessing compliance with equality and diversity policies and their effectiveness in promoting inclusivity within housing services.

Rent Collection and Arrears Management

Assessing the processes and systems for rent collection and arrears management for effectiveness and compliance.

Welfare Rights

Reviewing the effectiveness of provision of welfare rights services to stakeholders.

Allocation and Lettings

Evaluating the fairness and efficiency of the property allocation and letting processes.

Data Accuracy and Management

Ensuring the accuracy and security of tenant and property data, including compliance with data protection regulations.

Complaints Handling and Resolution

Reviewing the effectiveness of the complaints handling process, including response times and resolution rates.

Rent Setting

Evaluating the process for setting rents, ensuring fairness, market alignment, and adherence to regulatory guidelines.